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Wi-Fi 6 Explained: What’s New and Why You Might Be Interested

The latest generation of Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 6, brings with it some significant performance improvements that aim to address limitations in older generations. While plenty of routers and clients are already available with chips using the 802.11ax certification, Wi-Fi 6 is just beginning its rollout. It will become part of the official IEEE specification in September 2020. This is ushering in a wave of updated devices touting new wirelessContinue readingWi-Fi 6 Explained: What’s New and Why You Might Be Interested

Canyon Grail:ON review: Rule roads and turn heads

Canyon Grail:ON “The Canyon Gravel:ON isn’t for the faint of heart, but its top-tier components and insane range are worth your attention.” Build Quality & Design Quality components Powerful Motor Enjoyable on-road or off Simple LCD display MSRP $6,999.00 Over the last few years, the gravel community has solidified a cycling culture that refuses to be burdened with the unwritten rules of road cycling. This means hairy legs, fat tires,Continue readingCanyon Grail:ON review: Rule roads and turn heads

Vanmoof S3 review: Affordable electric style

Vanmoof S3 “The Vanmoof S3 is packed with excellent tech at a mid-range price and, as a bonus, it’s absolutely gorgeous.” Eye-catching design Useful app Integrated lights and fenders Smooth automatic transmission Excellent brakes Lower power assist levels aren’t helpful Feels bulky while riding Battery can’t be removed for charging MSRP $2,000.00 Vanmoof was well ahead of the curve when its Dutch founders, the Carlier brothers, started the company inContinue readingVanmoof S3 review: Affordable electric style

Microsoft won’t open its physical offices until early 2021

In context: Where possible, tech companies throughout the world — but particularly in the US — have instituted strict work-from-home policies for their employees to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Though some companies have already begun to open up their physical offices, Microsoft is taking a more conservative approach. According to a report from The Verge, the software giant will not be opening its US offices again for the restContinue readingMicrosoft won’t open its physical offices until early 2021

The history of self-driving cars

Once little more than a Hollywood-esque pipe dream, autonomous cars became a reality in the 2010s thanks largely to the research carried out by tech companies like Google. Although they haven’t merged into the mainstream yet and you can’t buy one as of writing, self-driving prototypes log millions of miles on our nation’s roads annually. Compressing the history of self-driving cars into fewer than 10 milestones isn’t easy, but we’veContinue readingThe history of self-driving cars

Rakuten, formerly, is pulling out of the US e-commerce business

A missed opportunity: Rakuten purchased California-based shopping portal back in 2010 for $250 million. seemed like a great name for an online retail shop – it was short, easy to spell and difficult to forget. A dream domain to own, if you will. Yet in 2013, the Japanese conglomerate decided to ditch the branding in favor of the Rakuten name, which had virtually zero market awareness in theContinue readingRakuten, formerly, is pulling out of the US e-commerce business

What is RCS messaging? Everything you need to know about the SMS successor

Text messages — the communications tech we’ve known and loved since the 1990s — are starting to show their age. They just don’t perform the way we’re used to and come to expect in recent years. For example, they don’t support read receipts, group messaging, or the animated stickers everyone likes to trade on apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. They rely on a cellular connection — and aContinue readingWhat is RCS messaging? Everything you need to know about the SMS successor

Your favorite video game maps, visualized

In context: In the general genre of open-world video games, whether they be first-person shooters, RPG, or something else, the game’s geographical map is vitally important. Not only is it helpful to navigate from one location to the next, the size of the map often gives players a feel for the scale within the game that would otherwise be missed just walking around. Someone—well actually several someones—made a video comparingContinue readingYour favorite video game maps, visualized

When was the first SMS text message sent?

On the same day that Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” hit the charts as the #1 song in the US, and “Home Alone 2″ topped the box office, 22-year-old software architect Neil Papworth sent the first SMS (Short Message Service). Although the technology was conceived by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert of the GSM Corporation in 1984, the first SMS message was sent in December 1992 by SemaContinue readingWhen was the first SMS text message sent?

CES 2021

Once the name CES stood for Consumer Electronics Show. But the trade show has evolved with the tech industry it reflects; tech touches our lives in a myriad of ways today, with smart cities and cars joining smartphones at the cutting edge, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence tying it all together. For 2021, CES will be an online-only event, running from January 6 to 9. AndContinue readingCES 2021