Looking for the best soap to help treat and prevent the outbreak of psoriasis, you are in the right page.

Psoriasis is a difficult condition to leave with because of the constant itching and pains you experience, have you tried different treatments and still no result.

You don’t need to be discouraged because in this post we will be giving you the best psoriasis treating soap, just like jock itch body scrub, this soap will treat this itching and prevent future breakouts.

In this post after proper research and review we have listed these 10 soaps as the best treatment for your psoriasis condition.

Just hop in while we go on a ride of restoring your flawless skin.


AFRICAN BLACK SOAP        Brand: PLANT GURU Weight: 2.1 pounds Get it on Amazon
EMU OIL SOAP        Brand: EMUJOY Weight: 3.2 Ounces Get it on Amazon
NO1 ORGANIC AFRICAN BLACK SOAP        Brand: WONDERFUL LY NATURAL Weight: 5 pounds Get it on Amazon
CHARBAR  Brand: CLO Weight: 6.7 Ounces Get it on Amazon
GOAT MILK SOAP            Brand: LAVIN EN ROSES Weight: 1.6 pounds Get it on Amazon
KENDOKERM. Brand: KENKODERM Wei Get it on Amazon
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SOAP                  Brand: GENERIC Weight : 4 Ounces Get it on Amazon
MARIE ORIGINAL SOAP                  Brand: MARIE ORIGINAL Weight: 2 9 Ounces Get it on Amazon
DEAD SEA SALT                  Brand: LA VIE EN ROSE Fe Get it on Amazon
PREMIER DEAD SKINCARE SOAP                  Brand: PRIMIER. Weight: 3.6 pounds Get it on Amazon


Here are a few things to consider before buying a psoriasis treating soap.

  • Ingredients: Go for gentle, hydrating and moisturizing soaps. Soaps with glycerin and other hydrating Ingredients like soyabean flower and sun flower would be the best.
  •  Avoid products with harsh chemicals: Alcohols and retinoids are also ingredients that can inflame the skin.     These ingredients can often be listed on a label as:
  • lauryl alcohol
  • myristyl alcohol
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • behenylalcohol
  • retinoic acid
  •  Fragrances :Avoid soaps with lots of fragrances and dyes, as they can irritate and inflamed the skin.
  • Online reviews: Always go to the internet to read about people’s opinion on a particular product before buying.