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Looking for the best microwave oven that will help you cook your different receipes without wasting much time and energy, you are just in the right page.

Because of the important role a Microwave oven plays in the kitchen to grill, reheat or even bake. several recipes and food items such as pop corns, chicken grill, kebabs, pizzas muffins  It can be difficult deciding the best microwave to buy.

In this post with our in depth research and reviews we will be showing you the best microwave ovens that is affordable good quality and has a state of the art features.

To buy the best microwave oven that will fulfill your dreams and desires below are some things to put into consideration

BUYING GUIDES: Things to consider before buying a microwave oven

SHARP KB6524.   Brand: Sharp Wight: 83.1 pounds Get it on Amazon
SHARP SMD2470 Brand: sharp weight: 74 pounds Get it on Amazon
 GEPVM 9005S         Brand: GE weight: 76 pounds Get it on Amazon
SHARP R1874T        Brand: Sharp weight: 74 pounds Get it on Amazon
 SHARP R1214T.      Brand: sharp weight: 50 pounds Get it on Amazon
Amazon Smart.          Brand: Amazon weight: 20.5 kg Get it on Amazon
Frigidaire    Brand: Frigidaire weight:59.9 pounds Get it on Amazon
    Kenmore  87583.        Brand: Kenmore weight: 61.2 pounds Get it on Amazon
Cusinart cmw 200    Brand: cusinart weight:38 pounds Get it on Amazon
Cusinart TOB260N1  Brand: Cuisinart weight: 32.4 pounds Get it on Amazon



sharp introduces the next generation microwave oven that is larger, sleeker and accessible than ever.

The KB6524PS  microwave drawer fits in the space as other sharp 24 inch models, yet its larger 1.2 cubicle feet interior is tall enough to hold a 20 oz. Cup from your favorite take out coffee store.

There are two convenient ways to open or close the drawer either pull or push the the Easy open handle or simply touch the Auto Touch control panel.

11 sensor cooking programs virtually eliminates guess work from cooking and defrost time. It has a 950 watts.

Pros cons
Great design Electrical issues


sharp microwave drawer oven,features a  12 Cu ft. Capacity sensor  cook, automatic defrost clock 1000 Watts, an interior light and a  stainless steel with a flush mount kit sold separately.

Concealed control panel opens to an easy to read and operates 45°Angle. Easy touch automatic drawer system smoothly opens and enables hands free close.

Cooking space large enough for a 4Qt casserole dish and tall enough for a large 20oz beverage cup.  Convenient kitchen Placement allows for easier cooking, saves preparation and clean up time.

Pros cons
Easy to clean Electrical problems

GE PVM 9005S:

This is a 2.1 cu ft. Over the range microwave oven with 1050 watts, 10 power levels, Three speed 400 CFM venting system, sensor cooking controls and chef connect.

This GE microwave oven has a stainless steel color with a filter kit included. Enjoy a sleek appearance that makes cleaning easy.

Automatically adjust time and power for delicious cooking result. Three options with a single touch. For instant convenience choose when to automatically syn clock and the range elements with the microwave surface light and vents.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design No manual guide

SHARP R1874T: 

The sharp R1874T 1.1 cu. ft. 850W over the range convention Microwave oven, in stainless steel, provides added room and simple installation.

The built in exhaust system offers three continent venting option, horizontal, vertical or ductless recirculation to provide convenience for range top cooking.

The oven has an interactive cooking system with custom help key for easy to follow programming and cooking instructions. It is also equipped with a four way convention system that bakes, browns, broils and crisps.

2 color, 7 digits interactive display, smart and easy sensor settings. 13 inch turntable provides even heating. Built in exhaust system, hood light, powerful fan, low and high racks included.

Pros Cons
Simple to use

Awesome performance






This 1.5 cu ft. over the counter microwave oven in stainless steel features smart and easy sensor technology for cooking or reheating 11 of the most popular microwave treats.

This microwave oven is the smarter kitchen solution that saves valuable counter space. This microwave does not require a built in kit or shelf allowing for an easy installation.

It comes with an under the cabinet task lighting. Auto control touch panel is conveniently located underneath the ovens door. Users can easily select features, power levels and times. The controls are easy to see and use.

Instant action keys saves time and makes microwaving easy. Oven starts automatically. Interactive system with custom help includes options for English, Spanish or French.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design

Easy to install


Cook confidently in the multi cooker that sits on your counter top. Amazons smart oven is a 4in1 appliance that makes every meal time a bit easier. Golden roasted chicken, crispy french fries, goodbye to weekend take outs.

With a convention oven, microwave, airfryer and food warmer all rolled into one counter top appliance, amazon smart oven helps you get a home cooked meal on the table in a snap and keeps it warm.

Paired with a compatible Echo device, amazon smart oven allows for voice controlled cooking with alexa.

Internal temperature and humidity sensors plus a detachable temperature probe  makes sure your food is cooked exactly the way you want it.

Scan to cook technology allows you to scan selected packaged food with the Alexa app, and allows the Amazon smart oven to do the work.

Pros Cons
Beautiful features Expensive


large capacity fits a variety of different dishes with sensor cooking, the microwave automatically adjust power levels and cooking times.

Over 30 settings options offers a multitude of ways to meet your cooking needs . reheat almost anything at the touch of a button.

Extra large microwave provides a 2.2 c.u ft. of cooking space. Practical has never looked so stylish with smudge proof stainless steel, a beautiful finish with an easy to clean finger print resistance surface.

Pros Cons
Great product problem with open button
Doesn’t make noise


Large 2.2 cu ft. Capacity over the range microwave oven with 1000 watts gives you the power to cook food  very fast and evenly.

The unique slide out vents helps ensure that you capture smoke and odor while using your cook tops. Powerful 4 speed 400 CFM ventilation fan clears the surrounding air of smoke and odors.

Easy to use glass touch controls are conveniently at the door for a sleek , seamless look and simpler operation. Easy clean interior features a customized coating that prevents splashes and splatter from sticking.

Pros Cons
Great design
Easy to set up


cusinart presents a counter top oven, that is a combination of size, style and smarts. Offering a single and combination settings for an unlimited number of cooking options.

Brushed stainless steel with embrossed cusinart logo and dark tinted glass window plus 1.2 cubic stainless steel absorbs no ordors and is easy to sanitize making this 1000watts microwave good looking on the outside as well as the inside.

8 functions for all cooking needs, microwave, convention, convention roast, convection fast bake, grill combo, keep warm, defrost, memory.

Multi stage cooking options an advanced technology let’s you program oven to automatically shift options, switch between 2 or 3 functions in a sequence you select.

Pros Cons
Stylish takes time to perform tasks
Problems with warranty


This spacious 0.95 cubic feet capacity oven fits 13 pizza and 9 × 13 baking pan. Programmable cooking function and exact cooking sensors calibrate the heating elements to the optimum settings for each functions.

Run two cooking function at two different cooking different temperature levels consecutively. The +30 option allows you to add 30 seconds to any function during cooking or toasting.

The convention setting can be turned on anytime during any of the cooking function with separate convention touch buttons.

The chefs convention oven also comes with a speed convention which provides cooking without pre heating. Oven light allows you to see the progress of your meal as it cooks.

Pros Cons
Fast the button quality is poor
Easy to use


Microwave oven is considered to be one of the best investment if you want to cook and bake.

If you are looking for the best microwave oven to satisfy this your need, I will advise you go through our post very well, I believe one of the above listed microwave oven will be able to meet your need.