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How to use Chromecast From Android to TV

Casting contents from your android phone to your TV is one unique way of viewing and sharing videos or photos conveniently. To cast a screen from android to TV, all you need is a device and an App called Chromecast. Chromecast is a streaming media adapter from Google that enables users to play web content such as videos and music on a smart TV.  However, for it to work, a mobile app makes it possible to essentially use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as a TV remote. It’s very easy to operate and understand. For more details on how to use chromecast from Android to TV, just keep on reading to learn more.

Cast Android to a TV Using Chromecast

Cast Android to a TV Using Chromecast


The most widely recognized technique for casting Android to a TV is with Chromecast. A Chromecast is a reasonable gadget that fills in as a “connect” between your Android telephone and TV. There are likewise TVs (like some Android TVs and Vizio SmartCast TVs) that have the Chromecast framework implicit.

This permits throwing a similar choice of applications straightforwardly to those TVs without associating an external Chromecast. Utilizing the Chromecast framework, you can watch a wide assortment of streaming applications accessible for your telephone on your TV.

To Cast, your Android telephone and any Chromecast gadgets should be on a similar Wi-Fi network.

How to Use Android With Chromecast

  • Fitting the Chromecast into your TV (via HDMI association) and power. Avoid this progression if the TV has Chromecast in-built.
  • Turn the TV on.
  • In the event that utilizing a module Chromecast, select the HDMI contribution on the TV it’s connected to. Since an outer Chromecast can plug into any TV that has an HDMI input, the TV doesn’t need to be a smart TV for you to watch the casted substance.
  • Download and introduce the Google Home App on your Android phone. Open the Google Home app, at that point tap Add > Set up Device, and follow the Chromecast arrangement prompts. Download and introduce one or more Chromecast good apps on your Android telephone that you need to see on your TV.
  • Select an application to view and tap the Cast icon.
  • On the off chance that you have more than one Chromecast good gadget, you’ll be incited to choose the one you need to cast to.
  • Watch the chose application content on your TV.

What You Can Do on Your Android Phone While Casting

There are a few things you can do both on and with your telephone once you’ve set up casting from your Android to your TV:

  • Keep seeing the application on your Android telephone that is likewise appearing on TV.
  • Utilize your Android telephone as a remote control to explore the cast substance.
  • Play out another assignment on your telephone, (for example, causing a call, to send a book, search for different applications to cast, or browse the web) while cast content is playing on your TV.
  • The casted substance will keep on playing on your TV until you change the input on your TV or initiate an alternate component on an extension gadget.

On the off chance that your telephone is still on while casting, however, you need to stop the cast, go to the application you’re casting, at that point tap the Cast icon > Disconnect.

How to Cast Android to a TV Without Chromecast

How to Cast Android to a TV Without Chromecast

There are likewise select TVs and “extension” gadgets (media streamers, smart Blu-beam disc players) that have a framework worked in alluded to as DIAL (Discovery And Launch). Created by Netflix and YouTube, the DIAL framework permits an Android cell phone or tablet to find applications on a smart TV or scaffold gadget and dispatch content on them.

This implies DIAL permits the YouTube and Netflix applications and sites on your Android telephone to connect to the YouTube and Netflix applications on your brilliant TV or scaffold gadget. You would then be able to discover recordings from those two administrations on your Android gadget and start playing them on your TV. The thought is you can begin playing content on an application that is on your TV utilizing the related application or site on your Android telephone.

This kind of casting regularly just works with Netflix and YouTube. Furthermore, for DIAL to work, the content you need to cast must be accessible on both your Android telephone and on your TV or scaffold gadget. To cast from your Android gadget to a perfect TV or scaffold gadget, tap the equivalent Cast logo utilized for Chromecast. For this situation, if a Chromecast isn’t distinguished, yet you have a DIAL good gadget, the logo will show up.

DIAL works out of sight. The main sign your Android telephone and TV or scaffold gadget is good with DIAL is the nearness of the Cast logo on the substance you need to cast, joined with a posting of perfect gadgets you may need to choose from.

Advantage of Screen Casting 

  • Convenience: Provides a simple method to see your Android telephone screen on a bigger TV screen.
  • Telephone Multitasking: After the casting has begun you can do different things on your Android telephone and even turn the telephone off.
  • Gadget Availability: In expansion to Android gadgets, screencasting gathering is accessible by means of Chromecast gadgets and TVs with Chromecast worked in.
  • DIAL: Dial similarity gives a casting elective on select TVs, video projectors, Blu-beam players, link/satellite boxes, media streamers, workstations, and PCs.

Disadvantage Screen Casting

  • System Required: The Android telephone you need to cast from and the TV or scaffold gadget you need to cast to must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Constrained application support: Not all applications support screen casting.
  • Hardware requirements: A Chromecast or TV with Chromecast worked in are expected to get the full advantage of casting.
  • Constrained DIAL support: Although the DIAL framework gives a throwing option to Chromecast, the number of perfect applications is ordinarily restricted to Netflix and YouTube.
  • Requires extra applications: Casting Android to Apple TV requires the establishment of an extra application. Be that as it may, Apple has expelled the capacity of casting from some outsider Android casting applications, so there’s no assurance this arrangement will work for a particular application.

Screen Casting vs Screen Mirroring

Another approach to see content from an Android gadget on TV is via Screen Mirroring. casting and Screen Mirroring are comparative, however, there are different, including:

  • Screen Mirroring doesn’t require the Android gadget and TV or scaffold gadget to be associated with a Wi-Fi network. You can utilize Screen Mirroring with Chromecast gadgets if a system isn’t accessible.
  • Screen Mirroring shows everything from your Android gadget, including content, route, and setting menus. Casting just shows the substance of the cast application choosing.
  • There are ordinarily no application show confinements, which means any application that can be shown on an Android telephone can be shown on your TV legitimately or through an extension gadget.
  • On the off chance that screen reflecting is on, you can’t perform different assignments on your telephone while content is reflected.
  • On the off chance that you tap another symbol or application, the content will stop playing. In the event that you turn off your telephone, the mirror interface between your telephone and TV or scaffold gadget will be broken.
  • You can’t reflect an Android telephone or tablet to an Apple TV without the establishment of an extra application like Air more or Mirroring 360.

Some external applications and “scaffold” gadgets that are marked as supporting casting for Android just help Screen Mirroring (despite the fact that “casting” is in the name) and, in some cases DLNA. One model is AnyCast.


Finally, we hope you’ve been able to learn how to use chromecast from Android to TV. However, if you’re still finding it difficult to do, I’ll suggest you contact technical personal. But, take that not all streaming apps support casting. So, if you’re having issues casting with one particular app, try others before escalating.