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Surface Laptop 3 is down to just $800

By cnet on 80

With some more juice, the Surface Laptop 3 would be hard to beat in this ultracompetitive category. As it is, though, the strong trackpad/keyboard combo, improved performance and snazzy (though little changed) design make the Laptop 3 worth the price tag.

By The Verge on 75

Aside from those pesky bugs and the merely okay battery life, the Laptop 3 13.5 is a very good laptop, and I think most people looking for a premium Windows 10 computer will be very happy with it. It doesn’t have any of the nagware or bloatware so common on machines from HP, Dell, and Lenovo, and it has simply the best keyboard you can get on a laptop. The Surface Laptop isn’t inexpensive, and you’ll pay for those niceties, but for the most part, it’s worth it.

By ExpertReviews on 80

A fast, lightweight, good-looking laptop that rivals the MacBook Air at a competitive price.

By PCWorld on 80

The Surface Laptop 3 delivers on a familiar pitch for what a good laptop should offer, executed in intense detail and a clean sense of style.

By WindowsCentral on 90

The Surface Laptop 3 13.5 is a worthy follow-up to last year’s model. While there are no massive changes, the new Intel 10th Gen processor, Instant On, faster SSD, Type-C 3.1 port, and huge trackpad make it even better than ever. Battery life is good, and things like Wi-Fi 6 help add some future-proofing. Users can save money and do a DIY upgrade of storage if they are willing.

By TechAdvisor on

Hands on: Long-term fans of the line will appreciate that Microsoft has finally embraced USB-C, albeit in a limited capacity, however, there are a few niggles that help competition from the likes of the MacBook Pro, stand out in front, despite the price disparity.

By ZDNet on

Also, can you make this laptop any lighter in weight? Because it is 3:2, it feels heavier and bulkier than some of the 16:9 ratio laptops — even when they weigh roughly the same. And as long as Microsoft continues to use the proprietary Surface Connect connector, how about a way to indicate a device is fully charged? Right now, it’s impossible to tell unless you peek inside, as far as I know. To me, the Intel-based Surface Laptop 3 is the first PC in the Surface line that I feel lives up to the premium reputation. It’s not inexpensive, but it is a device I’m proud to own.

By TrustedReviews on

Hands on: Microsoft’s 13.5 inch Surface Laptop 3 looks like a fantastic ultrabook for those wanting a Windows 10 alternative to the MacBook Air. A slim, ultra-portable and gorgeous design, coupled with Intel’s brand new Ice Lake processor, makes this device feel outstandingly modern and premium. Battery and performance tests will determine whether the Surface Laptop 3 13 truly is one of the best ultrabooks to buy, but all the signs are looking very promising so far.