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Looking for a new TV, without draining your pocket, you are just in the right page. Here you can find some of the best TVs in the market

We are aware of how difficult it could be when looking to buy a new TV, because of the different brands, Features and price.

However because we want to get you the best TV, we have seriously researched, reviewed and come up with the lists of the best TVs in the market today.

So if you are looking for the best TV, you will get them in this page.

BUYERS GUIDES: Things to  consider before buying a TV

The features of a TV are too numerous to mention, but here are some basic features to consider before buying a TV.

Screen Size:  The greatest factor in your choice of a TV will be the screen size. if you want TVs with larger than life features that you can see from every part of the room, then a 55inch to 75 inch TV has got what you need.

  inputs: A TV that has an opening  for memory cards and USB attachment for a card reader will give you a chance to see your photographs and other files on your TV screen.

Smartness: TVs with Wi-Fi for associating Internet based services, like Netflix for streaming videos or to run application, for watching extra ordinary intrigue programs, downloading on request motion pictures or playing games.

Crystal Display: Bright and colorful,the white shouldn’t have any indication of other colors. Black should look strong and not cleaned out.

Fine detail: Beautiful and attractive design, with smooth surface.

Power consumption: TV with low power consumption, when the current is not high can function very well.

Warranty: A TV with a good warranty in case of mechanical fault or damage.

Out of so many TVs in the market we have come up with this 10 TVs as the best, this is based on some factors like price,size and performance.


LG 65SM8 100AUA

Size: 65 inches, weight: 56.9pounds Get it on Amazon

Size : 65 inches, weight:54.2 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size:65 inches, Weight:54.2 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size:65 inches, weight:58.2 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size:65 inches,,weight 65.9 pound Get it on Amazon


Size:49 inches, weight:33.5 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size: 49 inches, weight:38.9 pounds


Get it on Amazon


Size: 55 inches, weight: 50.7 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size: 58 inches, weight: 57.9 pounds Get it on Amazon

Size: 55 inches, weight:53.9 POUNDS Get it on Amazon


LG 65SM8 100AUA


LG Nanco cell TV Nano 8 series delivers on picture quality, life lik scenes and a spectrum of colors. The power of the quad core processor makes everything  look better.

Local dimming control helps light levels. It has a built LG AI and the voice control of the google assistant and Alexa.

With a built in Airplay 2, you can effortlessly cast anything apple i phone to laptop to your local LG AI TV.

Pros cons
Smashing picture quality flexible screen
Beautiful features



Unlock a world of ultimate colors and contrast with Sony x800G 4k HDR TV. Incredibly clear 4k HDR picture quality is powered by the picture processor x1 ultimate, and content has never been brighter than with full Array local dimming and boosting.

X motion clarity technology makes action scenes look like real life. x wide angle, sit anywhere in the room to enjoy incredible real world color with 49 inch x800G

Ambient mode compliments your space by turning a black screen into enticing visuals. Smart TV with universal guide for easy streaming of contents and videos.

Pros cons
Beautiful design faulty pixels
Good viewing angle


Samsung QN65 RAFXZA QLED 4K resolution 2019 series with quantum dot technology let you experience images bustling with a dazzling range of over one billion colors with 100% color volume.

Ambient mode complements your space by turning a blank screen into enticing  visuals. The simple  on screen guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows.

With the wide viewing angle you can get a picture from every seat.

With the Bibxy on TV , you can control your TV with just your voice, the clean cable neatly manages cords for a crisp clean look.

Pros cons
Smart features problem with power
Nice with gaming pc


TCL 65 4k UHD QLED combines stunning 4k HDR picture performance and the award winning Roku TV .smart platform is a bold, brushed metal design for a superior TV experience.

QLED color technology delivers better brightness and wide color volume to provide expectional visual and life link picture performance. smart functionality offers access to thousands of streaming channels featuring more than 50,000 movies.

Full view design provided a clean contemporary edge to edge glass display that blends seamlessly into your viewing experience.

Pros cons
Snappy UI Bad optical output
Good sound quality


Enter a world saturated with color and sharpened to refreshing clarity, all of it made possible through the power of quantum dot technology.

An intuitive smart TV interface learns and suggest exciting new contents, and if you are into gaming, game enhancer automatically neutralizes annoyance like tearing and stuttering.

With the 4k Resolution, the ultra fast processor transforms your watch into stunning 4k

The simple universal guide is easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows and with the sleek and slim one remote, you can automatically detect and control all compatible connected devices and contents.


Pros cons
Easy set up Bad picture quality


This redefines everything you see. QLED is a difference maker from movies, shows, sports and gaming. From the grid iron to the iron throne no detail goes unseen. QLED pixels emits there on light for perfect black, intense color and stunning picture.

The webs makes it easy to stream movies and shows with your favourite apps. While the magic remote leaves up to its name with voice and motion control.

Gaming features with the latest tech like NVIDIA G-SYNC and free sync gives you high refresh rates and increasing smooth and responsive game play.

Pros cons
Simplistic layout problem with software
Great picture quality


This is a flat 49 QLED 4k Q60 series (2019) ultra HDS smart TV with HDR and Alexa compatibility price. experience imaged bursting with a dazzling range of over one billion colors each upscaled to incredible clarity, thanks to our intelligent 4k processor.

Its simple on screen guide is an easy way to find streaming contents and live TV shows. one remote to  control all compatible devices, bibxy voice command.

Smart speaker expandability with Google assistant compatibility and more .

Ambient mode customized and compliments your living space by turning a black screen of this big TV into enticing visuals including information, photos and artwork.

Pros cons
High tech beauty horrible blooming and clouding
Good sound quality


Sony x900f model television offers the best in 4k HD TV picture quality, with stunning clarity plus high dynamic range color, contrast and full detail and full array local dimming technology.

Enjoy a life link pictures, enhanced contrast and remarkable brightness packed inside an incredible slim design.

65 inch TV is compatible with Alexa and google home to change channels and more.

With the XI extreme enjoy a wide range of Bluetooth connectivity with displayed languages of English, French and Spanish.

65 inch TV has HDML, 2 USB 2-0, 1 USB 3-0 and 1 composite ports to easily switch inputs.

Pros cons
Great features randomly powers off
Good design channel guide problem


This is an 8series ultra high definition smart 4k crystal TV bundle. It has a slim bezel flat panel. 120HZ motion rate. The ultra fast processor transforms  everything you watch into stunning 4k.

The HDR unveils shades of color you can’t find on HDTV. Experience crystal clear colors that are fine tuned to deliver a natural crisp and vivid picture.

Smart TV powered by Tizen, super easy control and a host of enhancement that elevate the TV watching experience.

1 year extended epic protect warranty in addition to the included full manufacturer warranty.

Pros cons
Great picture quality
I year warranty


With Sony X705H 55-inch 4k ultra HD LED TV (2020) model experience thrilling movies and games in incredible 4k HDR and clear sound. Everything you watch looks remarkably rich and natural enhanced by the 4k processor XI.

With Sony’s Android TV and the google assistant, quality access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on screen and more using your voice.

See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color gradation. Ultra  high resolution and HDR video content, combine to bring dazzling details, color and contrast to everything you watch, while keeping a wider range of brightness.

Pros cons
Great packaging fuzzy channels
Well protected

Impressive streaming quality

TVs from top brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and TCL have been reviewed and if you go through this review carefully, you will observe how we have categorized these TVs according to their specific characteristics, we also went further to categorize each TV by its brand or manufacturer.

So if you are searching for the best TV to buy,we suggest that you take as much time as needed to go through each product, paying attention to its prices, advantages and disadvantages before settling on your choice.