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Video seems to confirm rumored LG Wing showing fully functional prototype

In context: Rumors that LG is working on a smartphone with a secondary swivel-out display have a little more credibility today. A video has surfaced showing what appears to be a fully complete and working prototype. The phone is reportedly codenamed the LG Wing.

Android Authority claims to have obtained video proof of a working prototype of the LG Wing, illustrating a possible use case. The example shows a user using a navigation app on the primary (top) display in portrait mode, while a music player’s controls are shown in landscape on the secondary screen. When a call comes in, the user taps a button on the side screen to answer the call.

When rumors initially surfaced in May, images showed the Wing’s main screen in landscape mode (masthead), making a T-formation. It would seem that both screens can adjust to orientation just as our current single-screen phones can. This is not a stunning revelation, but certainly worthy of note.